Comments from participants in the summer 2016 Mixed Voice/StoryCorp partnership listening event

“New parents like us can learn a lot from all of the experience of the older parents in the group. I hope to hear and learn more.”

(Diana M., Baltimore, MD)

“Conversations like this are awesome.  Here I get to learn about some beautiful relationships that, I’m embarrassed to say, my own culture sometimes looks down on.”

(Rashad H., Baltimore, MD)

“Without the Center for the Mixed Voice, I probably wouldn’t have listened to my own StoryCorps conversation.  By coming to the listening party I was able to take the time to listen and reflect back on my own words and also hear other peoples’ conversations.  I’m so thankful for this opportunity because I want to tell my own story, and I want to learn to get better at sharing my own story.”

(Barbie J.L., Columbia, MD)

“StoryCorps is wonderful, but coming to the Center for the Mixed Voice listening party was so much more relevant to me than just listening to StoryCorps on the radio.”

(Dan M., Baltimore, MD)

“Meeting people from the Baltimore Metro area and hearing local stories is great.  I think we should do this monthly!”

(Rohaizad S., Baltimore, MD)

“I appreciate that even though we gave our written permission to share our stories publicly, the Center for the Mixed Voice recognizes that these stories are very personal and they take care to honor and respect our voices.”

(Mark J.L., Columbia, MD)

“The Center for the Mixed Voice’s “listening party” was a powerful experience. The opportunity to not just listen to the moving stories but to have a dialogue about them made the entire Story Corps experience more than just a snapshot in time.”

(Doug A., Baltimore, MD)

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